The benefits of pregnancy massage for mother and baby

Pregnancy is a magical part of life. For many women expecting a child is a wonderful experience, but it’s also a period of uncertainty for many. The changes caused by pregnancy raise issues and concerns for most women. The soon to be mother will putBenefits Of Pregnancy Massage on a few extra kilos. This excess weight will cause joints, back and legs to make the extra effort. Pregnancy Massage is an effective way to relieve some discomfort during pregnancy, as it promotes body awareness and also reduces psychological stress. Combined with a good diet, a healthy lifestyle and physical activity, benefits of pregnancy massage start with helping the mother and baby to feel good. It also improves essential support to fight against physical and emotional discomfort during pregnancy. It is a true source of relaxation, as it offers expecting mothers a way to live in serenity.

Mothers to be, experience both physical and emotional changes. Besides weight gain, changes in hormone levels can cause some other health issues, such as migraines and muscle tension. This is where pregnancy massage helps, by giving vitality and well-being, thus allowing pregnant women to live comfortably during their pregnancy.

Pregnancy massage must be given by a professional!

A pregnancy massage must only ever be given by a qualified midwife, obstetrician, nurse or masseuse. It’s an ideal complement to health care as it’s proven to be therapeutic, as it relaxes the mother physically, mentally and facilitates childbirth.

It’s very important to have pregnant women lay either on their side, or sit for most of the massage. This is because if the mother lays on her back, the uterus can cause compression on the aorta, which could lead to a decrease of blood flow to the uterus. Unlike other types of massage, pregnancy massage is very soft and gentle, and can decrease stress and promote relaxation, helping you cope with discomfort.

When to go for a pregnancy massage?

Pregnancy massage is recommended after the calming of the fetus, which is beyond three months of being pregnant. Any time before that would be best to deny because the physical, hormonal and emotional changes in women are still important. Getting a massage during this period may exacerbate these changes, and alter the binding of the fetus. After this stage, the massage will bring benefits for both the mum and bub.

It’s always a good idea to find out more information about the different approaches to pregnancy massage, as each woman’s body is different. So call Massage One today on (07) 55 200 357 and have a wonderful experience with one of our professional masseuses. We’ll have you floating in no time!

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