Guided Meditation – Experience the bliss!

This guided meditation is tailored for relaxation, anxiety, depression and self acceptance.

Meditation is the practice of focusing the mind. There are varying definitions out there, however simply stated meditation is something that is accessible to everyone at any moment by focusing your mind on something. Although many meditations are inspired by ancient spiritual traditions, none require faith or belief in order to practice them.

Focusing, thinking, visualising and experiencing can all be forms of meditation. You can practice focusing on an external object like a candle or picture, or something internal like your breath or heartbeat to help focus your mind. You can practice thinking about and meditating on a particular problem you’re having, or a particular virtue you want to develop such as patience or love. You can practice visualising something in your mind, creating a reality you’d like to cultivate, or visualising letting go of fears or healing illness or injury. You can practice experiencing during meditation, experiencing whatever comes up, thoughts, emotions, feelings, memories, and allowing them to flow through you and experience your body and mind processing them.

A guided meditation can be very powerful for those beginning their meditation practice, as they can help focus your mind on the desired area. In the meditation below, a voice guides your mind into a state of relaxation, helping you deal with any anxiety or depression, and allowing you to experience self acceptance, all while soothing music and delta waves help calm your mind and focus your attention. Ideal after a hard days work or study, add some meditation into your life and experience the blissful serenity that your life takes on, and the ease with which you can deal with what were once overpowering problems.

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