Lymphatic Facial Massage, maybe that’s something you’ve never heard of before. So what is it? There is a reason why we decided to incorporate it into our list of available treatments. Lymphatic Facial Massage uses a soft, effective technique that provides you with the most amazing benefits.

Puffiness and under bags 

Puffiness and under-eye bags are something almost everyone experiences. Fluid can accumulate underneath your eyes and in and around other areas on your face which can cause the appearance of puffiness or bags. There are endless creams, serums and masks that claim to be effective but nothing compares to the results you can receive from a Lymphatic Facial Massage.

Increases blood flow and smooths wrinkles 

Lymphatic Facial Massage will leave a natural glow, it tightens your skin which makes it look firmer and healthier as well as that it releases tension that will help remove even the slightest signs of aging.

Why not experience these benefits for yourself, we have recently launched our brand new M1 Lymphatic Healing Cleanse. The good news is that you will receive a complimentary add on Lymphatic Facial Massage with your first M1 Lymphatic Healing Cleanse. 

Congestion and Sinus relief

We have all been there, a stuffy nose is a problem no one wants and sometimes it just wants to hang around for no reason. Lymphatic Facial Massage allows your body to open a clear way for your body to rid itself of all that nasty excess fluid that can make you feel like you have a lingering cold for months. 

Similar to congestion sinus can be a real pain, many people feel as though they just have to wait it out but a Lymphatic Facial Massage can aid you in saying goodbye to sinus problems. Not to mention that Lymphatic Facial Massage is extremely relaxing, so while we rid your body of that inflammation you can slip away into full relaxation.

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