Hot Stone Massage Benefits – Relaxation!

The chance to kick-back, relax and take a deep reinvigorating breath is an opportunity not to pass up, however for some certain health conditions can also be benefitted by such relaxation.

Hot stone massage isn’t just a treatment given at spas for those wanting a chill-out; hot stone massage benefits are endless to treat the symptoms of such conditions as arthritis, fibromyalgia, circulation problems, depression, insomnia, stress and anxiety and general muscular aches and pains through a physical job etc.

So, what happens during this type of treatment?

Well basically, you lie on your stomach and relax, whilst the therapist does all the hard work! You will notice a warming, relaxing sensation, as warm stones are placed at specific parts of your body. This is to aid relaxation and help you drift off to a stress-free place in your mind, and also open up energy pathways within your body to promote healing. This all helps the therapist with the following massage allowing a deeper reaching treatment. Usually oils are used to help stop dragging of the skin during the massage.

Hot Stone Massage Benefits

Hot stone massage benefits start with:

Reduces stress

Massage as a whole is known to kick-out stress, allowing you to take a deep breath away from your cares and worries. For anyone suffering from clinical stress which can be a serious health condition in itself, a hot stone massage will warm and release pent up worries.

Releases toxins

Hot stones prepare the body for a deep massage which releases any toxins within the body. This will cleanse your system and leave you feeling as fresh as a daisy. 

Reduces pain

The warming sensation will help reduce any aches and pains whilst the massage helps get to the root cause. If it’s a muscular pain then massage can help loosen tight muscles, and a real deep treatment can relax enough to leave you floating.

Improves circulation

Boosting circulation is a well-known advantage of massage, and this is a perfect treatment for anyone with circulation problems. Of course with any medical condition it’s always important to have it all checked out by your doctor first, and let your therapist know of any pre-existing conditions so your treatment can be tailored to suit you.

Calms the mind

Relaxation helps bring balance and massage relaxes. Those thoughts whirring around your mind needlessly will be put into perspective and kicked out of your brain during your deep relaxation, and a calm mind helps you make more balanced and sensible decisions. Again, this cuts out stress so it’s a true double hitter.


The warmth from the stones will help sooth any aches and pains and for anyone with arthritis, the warming treatment will release tension and pain from the particular site affected. 

As you can see hot stone massage benefits are wide reaching, and even at its most basic level a massage such as this is a treat in every sense. For those undergoing this treatment for a medical reason, you have the perfect excuse to pamper yourself completely guilt-free!

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