Massage One Lymphatic Method

(Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage)

Our Brazilian style Lymphatic Drainage Massage is the ultimate whole body treatment for detoxing and sculpting the body, that needs to be experienced to be believed!

Our Massage One therapists are all hooked and enjoy the many health & physical benefits from regular treatments.

We believe its the Gold Coast’s best kept body sculpting & wellness secret, as featured in the Daily Mail.

“Feeling sluggish? Tired? Can’t seem to shed that extra bit of fluid? Body function lazy? Needing a confidence boost? Lymphatic Massage will help you!”

Massage One customer, Belinda Norton, Blivewear, Health & Fitness Educational Professional/Author 

What to expect from a Massage One Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage massage

We use a Brazilian technique that is light and flowing that feels gentle and rhythmic.

While designed to boost lymph flow and encourage fluid & waste drainage throughout the body meanwhile relaxing the nervous system, our customers are always surprised at how much they enjoy the experience.

After your treatment you will feel instantly invigorated and lighter all over, with a noticeable improvement in skin tone, bloating and swelling.

Our clients report increased energy levels, mental clarity and sharper focus with many losing centimeters after just one treatment, particularly in areas prone to fluid retention such as the waist, stomach, knees and ankles.

Before after lymphatic drainage massage male

Male Massage One customer before and after 3 x Lymphatic Drainage Massage Treatments over a 3 week period

Body Sculpt Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage treatment benefits

The many health benefits of our Lymphatic Drainage Massage style appeal to a wide spectrum of our customers; from the elderly looking to ease fluid retention and joint swelling to men & women looking to sculpt, tone & define their bodies, those kick-starting a detox or healthy eating plan or athletes maintaining optimum body performance.

The health & physical benefits include:

  • A more sculpted & defined physique. Hello waist! Many of our customers report a loss of centimeters in problem areas prone to bloating and swelling
  • Reduced inflammation & pain in problem joints & improved range of motion
  • Increased energy, vitality & mental clarity
  • Improved digestion & body function
  • Boosted immune system
  • Regeneration of skin tissue & noticeably improved skin tone
  • Can help reduce physical appearance of cellulite
Brazilian lymphatic drainage before and after photos

Massage One customer before & after 3 x Lymphatic Drainage Massage Treatments, each 7 days apart.


Recommended Treatment Plan

To get the maximum sculpting, toning and vitality results from our Body Sculpt Lymphatic Drainage Massage treatment, we recommend starting with three treatments, each no more than 10 days apart.

This can then be followed by a maintenance plan of one treatment every three months or as required for an energy boost, to help kick-start a health plan or to sculpt before a big event.

Your system will be working hard to keep flushing your system long after your treatment has finished so we recommend drinking plenty of water, avoiding heavy and salty foods and alcohol and getting some exercise in subsequent days to get the most benefits.

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage Before and After Photo

Massage One customer before and after 3 treatments

What our customers say

“I had 3 lymphatic drainage massages they are Soothing & Relaxing , I feel lighter, younger & healthier. Comparing the feeling of the tummy on one side that was done had definition & the side that wasn’t done felt like a blob” Kris

“Had my first lymphatic drainage sculpture massage with Yoko today. Although i usually love really firm pressure remedial massage, today was very nice and relaxing. Just what i needed. I have already booked my second for next week. Can’t wait.” Jenny

“I have been going to the gym for 1 1/2 years, had a personal trainer for 6 months & I did not loose any weight. I had Lymphatic Drainage massage & I sure noticed the difference i lost 2kg & I do not feel bloated anymore” Suman

“Have had incredible results for lymphatic drainage massage. Mel has ‘miracle hands’ best result I’ve experienced. Have gone in feeling legs like lead and walked out with lightness in my step. Thank you Mel” Liz

Massage One Gold Coast Brazilian Body Sculpt Lymphatic Drainage Massage Treatment Before and After photo

Massage One customer before & after  2 x Lymphatic Drainage Massage Treatments, 7 days apart

Book a Massage One Lymphatic Method Massage Treatment

Treatment Prices:

  • 120min Massage – $180
  • 90min Massage – $145
  • 60min Massage – $105
  • 30min Facial Massage – $65

For more information contact us below or BOOK ONLINE 

Phone: (07) 55 200 357

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