Mental benefits of regular massages – The good it can do for you!

Massages are often thought of as a luxury; something we do when we’re feeling stressed and need to relax or simply want to pamper ourselves, otherwise it’s usually a gift from a loved one. As a result, many of us feel massages should be a regular part of life. However, there are many fantastic mental benefits of regular massages, which can even be an essential part of good health.

Mental health is just as important as physical health, and whilst the benefits may not show visibly, such as, good posture and relaxed frame, they are felt in abundance by the person receiving them, and we all know that if we feel good on the inside, our radiance and inner confidence is visible on the outside.

The real mental benefits of regular massages

1)    Peace and quiet – A calm, peaceful mind is an effective clean slate. We can’t sleep or think straight when our minds are full of junk, and thoughts are around at 100mph. Regular massage helps us clear the mind and organise our thoughts. As a result this reduces stress, which we all know can be physically and mentally exhausting, not to mention damaging. Peace and quiet helps creativity flourish.Mental Benefits Of Regular Massages

2)    Goodbye anxiety – We unfortunately live in a stressful world, and anxiety creeps in without us even realising. Massage is a deep relaxing effect, tension is released and you almost feel like your worries have been cast into the air.

3)    Focused – A clear mind leaves you being able to concentrate on important tasks at hand, making you more effective in work and problem-solving situations.

4)    Physical awareness – Again, clearing the mind means you can re-connect with your physical self in a much more effective way, feeling more centered within your own body.

5)    Peace of mind – When we feel good, we look good, we give off a sense of wellbeing, and the world generally feels like a much better place to call home. Being relaxed, de-stressed and centered allows us to experience true peace of mind and contentment.

As you can see, the reduction and even complete abolishment of stress make up the majority of the mental benefits of regular massages list. Stress in its worst form can be debilitating and even when felt on a small scale can be extremely uncomfortable. Regular massage helps release pent up aggression, stress, worry and nervousness, leading to a freer feeling.

There are several different types of massage, from the Indian head massage, deep tissue massage, crystal massage, Swedish massage, full body massage – the list of variations is endless. Be sure to check with your doctor if you have any concerns or health contraindications to massage and be sure to inform your therapist before any treatment is commenced. If you’re fit to go ahead, make this is a regular occurrence to truly feel the ongoing mental benefits of regular massages and look forward to a freer, happier, and more relaxed state of mind.

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