For the past few months, Massage One has been creating our most exciting treatment to date. Now we can finally share it with you. We will soon have a fully detailed page about this new experience we are eager to offer to you but in the meantime here’s what you can expect.

The Lymphatic Healing Cleanse is designed for intensive results in a single session and ranges in time from 90 minutes to a 240-minute option of gentle and effective treatments that nurture and replenish your body and promote wellness and inner health long after the experience has ended. 

Dry Brush

To fully prepare your body for the treatment our therapists will begin by dry brushing your whole body. Dry brushing is a great form of exfoliation so doing this will remove any dead skin cells that may prevent the rest of the treatment from sinking deep into your skin. Dry brushing also encourages your bodies flow of lymph fluid, which makes it a perfect lead into the next step. 

M1 Lymphatic Method

The next stage of the treatment is where you will receive an M1 Lymphatic Method massage. Being one of our most popular treatments yet our lymphatic method will now start off your detoxification and cleansing process. Not only does our method give great results but it is also gentle and calming and invokes a sense of deep peacefulness. So while your body is cleansing itself you can start to sink into a deep sense of relaxation. 

Pre Solution

Before applying the seaweed and clay mask your therapist will mix together a concoction of Algologie’s highly concentrated seaweed essential oil plus featuring the cosmetic grade essential oil blend suited to you, these incredible products will be applied onto your body in preparation for the seaweed and clay body wrap. 

Full body Algologie Seaweed and Clay Body Wrap

The most exciting step of our new treatment is the full-body Algologie seaweed and clay mask. The Algologie seaweed and clay are deeply detoxifying and will strengthen your immune system and reduce muscular pain, inflammation and fatigue. With the seaweed and clay mask we will also add in more cosmetic grade essential oils so that your body receives the highest amount to fully detoxify and remineralise.  

Infrared Sauna Blanket

Our final step in treatment is a full-body infrared sauna blanket. To protect the mask on your body and to add further heat, you will be wrapped in a plastic sheet before then being zipped into an infrared sauna blanket. Infrared saunas heat your body from the inside out which will promote your body to sweat out all of those unwanted toxins.

After your time in the blanket is up your therapist will unwrap you and wipe away the Algologie seaweed and clay mask. Each step in our new cleanse will provide your body with ultimate detoxification leaving you feeling lighter all over and relaxed.

Herbal Detox Tea

Of course, we can’t let you leave without keeping you hydrated! We have specialty teas rich in anthocyanin antioxidants served warm or cold in a takeaway cup for your journey home after your treatment. Our signature Blue Detox tea with butterfly pea, lemongrass, pandan or hibiscus flower tea not only tastes amazing but it will also further help your body cleanse itself, It’s just our way of helping your body rejuvenate completely. 

We cannot wait to start hearing your feedback about the M1 Lymphatic Healing Cleanse, Bookings are now open and will include a complimentary Lymphatic Facial massage for your first treatment valued at $49 so get in quick!

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Dry Brushing Algologie Seaweed and Clay Wrap Infrared Sauna Blanket

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