Reflexology benefits – Soothe away the sore!

Reflexology is a kind of massage which focuses on applying pressure to certain areas of the feet, ears and hands. The belief behind this massage is that certain areas of the feet and hands contain nerve endings that correspond to other parts of the body. Therefore, when pressure is applied to these areas, it will trigger the parasympathetic nerves that in turn would alleviate any pain. This ancient Chinese practice is based on the idea that the body is self-healing, and all it needs is the triggering of the right nerves to start the healing process.

Reflexology has become a popular form of alternative medicine today because of the many benefits that come with it. These reflexology benefits have been proven by studies funded by the National Cancer Institute, and the National Institutes of Health. Based on these above studies and those of others conducted across the world, reflexology benefits can be divided into four primary areas, which are:

  • Organs: Reflexology is believed to cure diseases of certain organs by improving blood circulation. Many diseases that affecReflexology Benefitst people today stem from lack of physical activity and poor diet, so improving blood circulation will flush out toxins present in these organs, and will restore them back to good health. Boosting blood circulation is believed to be useful for treating stress, anxiety, migraine, constipation, asthma, headache and menopausal conditions in women.
  • Relaxation: Massages tend to be relaxing and soothing because they relieve tension in muscles. Furthermore, during a massage people tend to slow down and reflect on their thoughts. While these benefits apply to all kinds of massages, it is more profound in reflexology because it relaxes the entire mind, body and soul.
  • Pain Reduction: One of the best known reflexology benefits is pain reduction. As nerve endings are massaged, blood circulation starts improving in those areas, and in turn, reduces pain. 27 studies have shown that reflexology has a positive impact in reducing pain in people with AIDS, kidney stones, chest pains and more.
  • Reduction of Symptoms: Reflexology is known to reduce the symptoms of certain diseases by triggering the self-healing nerves that run through those organs.

Other than these benefits, reflexology is also known to have a positive effect with cancer treatments. Patients suffering from cancer have reported lower levels of pain and a better quality of life through the regular practice of reflexology. These reflexology benefits have made life better for millions of people all around the world.

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