The Joy Of Remedial Massage – The New Celebrity Craze

Like most things these days, once celebrities pick up on the benefits of something, the rest of mankind follows. Remedial massage and the relaxing and beneficial perks that come alongside it have been recognised by such A listers as Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and more. Celebrity massage is now a new upcoming craze, with many celebrities adding a professional masseuse to their ever-growing entourage. Of course, most of us are aware of the benefits of this holistic therapy, and the celebrity impact just highlights it.

Basically remedial massage is a fancy term for any massage, usually oil-based, that goes deep into the muscle tissue and corrects a malfunction or ache. The depth of the massage is adjusted according to the individual, and it can take the form of a deep corrective sports massage, for those who have been hitting the tennis court a little too hard, or for a relaxing, gentle therapy for more fragile individuals, or even for anyone feeling a little frazzled, and in need of a some balance and chill-out time.

The inner body, holistic benefits are also wide-reaching, with improved circulation, metabolism correction, reduced blood pressure, and overall reducing stress and anxiety, which has a hugely beneficial effect on the body’s functions overall. Posture and flexibility is also improved, which is possibly why yoga and Pilates fans, like Ms Paltrow, enjoy this therapy, and it also helps with joint movement which can get a little stiffer as time goes on.

Remedial massage is also beneficial for anyone who has digestive problems, anything congestive, such as a cold, or those who are feeling a little down, as we know that pampering and relaxation is good for the soul, and we all deserve a little TLC from time to time.Remedial Massage

This probably explains why big-named celebrities often head towards the massage table. Due to the nature of their stressful jobs, often leading into quite abnormal situations, with the downside of fame and pressure, massage can provide a short space of time away from modern-day stressors, and relax the body and mind, creating balance.

Britney Spears, the aforementioned Ms Paltrow, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Elle MacPherson and Victoria Beckham have all been known to enjoy the effects of remedial massage, with the men getting in on the act too, professional sportsmen especially, including David Beckham and professional tennis player Andy Murray, amongst many, many others.

Perhaps the far-reaching effects of remedial massage should be passed through to all of us, as they obviously work wonders for the stressed-out celebrities, finding peace and health perks from a regular massage session with a top-class therapist.

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