Massage One are proud to support these talented Gold Coaster’s

Aaron ‘TS2’ Leigh

My name’s Aaron TS2 Leigh and I’ve trained since I was 18 years old in the sport of Muay Thai. I’ve had 63 fights with 45 wins and 1 draw, and I hold the W.M.C Australian Title, South Pacific, Commonwealth, and Intercontinental and 2 x World Titles – W.K.B.F. World Title & W.M.T.O. World Title.

I love the tradition and history that the Muay Thai culture has, and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. It’s the best feeling when you’ve done all the hard work, training, and you’re in the zone for the fight. I just love being in the ring with the crowd, and testing yourself, testing your mind and your body.

I also love surfing and having fun, and getting massages hahaha  😀

Aaron TS2 Leigh

Mark Lucchiari

Mark Lucchiari is a heavy kicking Thai fighter who trains out of the Strikeforce Gym on Gold Coast in Australia.

Mark is a proud family man with Australian and Italian bloodlines. He loves training and fighting alongside his eldest son, Arkheem who is also the Australian Champion”

Mark is a two times Super Middleweight Australian Champion, (W.M.C Super Middleweight Australian Title, I.S.K.A Super Middleweight Australian Title)

Mark Lucchiari

Keegan Palmer

2013 Australian Bowl Riding Champion in the U/18’s.

Why he’s part of the Hurley family: Keegan an avid bowl/vert skater and surfer, has been fortunate to travel and enjoy skating and surfing some of the world’s best terrain and surf spots. At only 9 years Old Keegan has already been exposed to the International skate scene competing against skaters from all over the world.  Keegan is comfortable and thrives in competition environment that can reach crowds in the thousands. 2013 saw Keegan win the Australian Bowl Riding Championship Keegan’s love for skating is a daily ritual that involves rolling around the local parks on the Gold Coast as well as training at two private facilities equipped with a bowl and a vert ramp.

Instagram: @k33gan

Keegan Palmer

Sophia Van Harn

I decided to do the 200km ride to raise funds for cancer research as a inspirational ride to my son-in-laws father who passed away from cancer beginning of this year. Trial medication gave him an extra 2 years of quality life with his family. This research is badly needed and without funding will go no were.

Please help the cause. Log onto and follow the prompts. Enter my name, Sophia van Harn to make your contribution, even if it may be small. Every dollar donated is a dollar closer to conquering this dreadful disease.

Sofia Van Harn

Cory Still

My name is Cory Still and I am a Muay Thai fighter sponsored by Massage One, with a record of 16 fights – 15 wins – 1 loss – 4KOs. I am the current Lightweight WBC u/18 QLD champion, WKBF Lightweight QLD champion and WAKO K1 national champion. I have been training Muay Thai out of Boonchu Gym under John Wayne Parr for 6 years starting when I was only 11 years old.


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