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Pre & Post-Operative M1 Lymphatic Method

M1 Lymphatic Method massage helps to prepare your body before surgery and heal your body after surgery. Recover quickly with this gentle massage that improves circulation, assists in reducing fibrosis, swelling, bruising, and eliminates the remains of medication, anaesthesia, and serum used in surgeries.

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Recovering from surgery?

Choose Massage One post-operative care to heal the body and the mind. Our trained massage team can improve your recovery time with our unique restorative M1 Lymphatic Method massage. 

Post-surgical or post-operative therapy massage speeds recovery and reduces fibrosis, pain, and inflammation. 

We personally design a recovery program to determine the best course of action, targeting areas that assist healing and wellness through the power of touch. 

After surgery, the body can retain fluid so a lymphatic massage will increase lymph flow and activate lymph nodes. Our gentle manual lymphatic drainage imitates the natural circulation of the lymph, so tissues receive a greater supply of nutrients and oxygen, therefore, improving functionality and recovery. Lymphatic drainage is effective for reducing fibrosis, bruising, bloating and swelling, whilst also eliminating waste and toxins. 

Heading into surgery?

Be sure to include lymphatic massage in preparation for your next surgical procedure. A weekly lymphatic massage three weeks before your operation will have your body primed for speedy recovery.

You will have improved circulation, and greater supply of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.


Our unique lymphatic drainage method imitates the natural circulation of the lymph by opening the lymphatic vessels and allow the lymph to flow. The body is then able to eliminate edema, waste and toxins. Your body will be prepared to heal!

The many benefits of the Pre-Operative M1 Lymphatic Method

Health benefits

  • Decreases pain and inflammation
  • Activates the immune system
  • Recuperation time is enhanced
  • Rebalancing the body and mind
  • Promotes circulation and fluid elimination along with toxins
  • Accelerates tissue recovery
  • Eliminates the remains of medication, anaesthesia and serum used in surgeries.
  • Promotes regeneration of damaged vessels
  • Helps to prevent fibrosis

Hear from our happy clients

I cannot recommend this massage enough

“I underwent a major surgery to remove my severely ruptured silicone breast implants and mastoplexy (breast lift). My surgeon recommended high doses of antioxidants before and after surgery to help remove the toxins in my body.

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Pivotal in my recovery

“Lymphatic Massage at Massage One is one of the best things I have ever done for myself! I recently had some major cosmetic surgery and my surgeon recommended to incorporate lymphatic massage in my recovery plan.

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I would definitely recommend this post-op

“I had a breast reduction and lift from an E cup to a C cup and 3.5 litres of liposuction off my abdomen for stubborn fat removal.

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Before and after M1 Lymphatic Method

This patient is undergoing treatment for kidney cancer. Unfortunately because of that, her kidney isn’t draining as it should be, so that’s why lymphatic drainage is so important.