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In the realm of assisted reproductive technologies, In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) offers a beacon of hope for individuals and couples hoping to start families.

In this complex journey, treatments like massage and lymphatic drainage are becoming helpful companions, offering a holistic approach to enhance the chances of successful conception.

Tailored Support with the M1 Lymphatic Method

For those going through IVF challenges, the M1 Lymphatic Method at Massage One can be a useful tool. A well-functioning lymphatic system, which carries hormones essential for fertility, is crucial. Our M1 Lymphatic Method helps it work better, creating an optimal space for reproductive hormones.

After an IVF cycle, when the body might still have some leftover synthetic hormones and toxins, the M1 Method steps in again. Its lymphatic drainage aspect can help the body clear these substances out, bringing it back to its natural, healthy state.

Supporting Studies

Scientific studies have shed light on the positive correlation between massage therapies and improved IVF outcomes. Notably, a 2015 study exploring andullation therapy, a deep relaxation massage, revealed promising results. This therapy, performed before a blastocyst transfer in a special IVF cycle, showed improvement in embryo implantation.

Researchers were surprised to find a three to fivefold increase in IVF pregnancy rates, especially in women over 40.  These findings suggest that massage therapies, like the M1 Lymphatic Method, can really help during key stages of the IVF process.

Boosting Fertility with Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage, a key part of the M1 Lymphatic Method, contributes to overall better health.

By improving circulation, balancing hormones, and boosting immunity, this method creates a space that supports conception.

Massage One recognises how the lymphatic system and reproductive health are connected. That’s why we aim to provide support that goes beyond just numbers—it’s about understanding the unique emotional and physical aspects of each person’s IVF journey.

Personalised Plans for You

Knowing that every IVF journey is different, our team encourages open conversations. We create personalised plans that consider the unique needs of each person planning for pregnancy. This individual touch recognises the emotional and physical challenges of going through IVF.

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In summary, as science and holistic therapies come together, we see how massage and lymphatic drainage play a crucial role in the fertility journey. For those navigating IVF, the M1 Lymphatic Method at Massage One offers a supportive tool, providing a holistic boost to fertility. 

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