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If you’re looking to shed a few kilos, massage can be a great tool to support your journey! Whether you’re looking to improve recovery from your exercise regime or aid natural detoxification and waste removal, massage can be incorporated to help you reach your goals!

Here’s how… 

Support exercise recovery

If you are looking to lose weight or tone up, switching up your exercise regime is likely your first step. But if you’ve been inactive for a while or are stepping up frequency or intensity, your body may take a while to adjust!

This is where massage comes in. Not only does it feel good to have sore, tired muscles massaged, but it can improve recovery time. This is because massage increases the blood flow and oxygen in your muscles and may decrease lactic acid build-up, which is widely considered the first sign of muscle soreness.

Massage can also help get your muscles moving and improve mobility to reduce the likelihood of strain, tears or injury while working out. 

If you are moving your body regularly, make sure you are caring for it properly by adding massage to your routine.

Aid detoxification and reduce bloating

Our signature M1 Lymphatic Method is also a great way to aid your weight loss journey. If your body holds on to excess fluid, you can feel bloated, lethargic and heavy. Fortunately, our lymphatic drainage treatment can help to reduce this. 

Using manual techniques, we are able to stimulate the lymphatic system to improve circulation, expel excess fluid and encourage natural detoxification and waste removal. Many clients notice changes immediately after treatment! Common reports include feeling leaner, less bloated, more toned and lighter all over.

Check out some of our clients before and afters over on our Instagram:

While you may notice improvements after one visit, we recommend a series of treatments for best results. Most clients begin with 3 treatments performed at weekly intervals then have maintenance treatments at least once per month. 

Reduce stress and improve sleep

You may be surprised to learn that stress is commonly associated with weight gain or difficulty losing weight. In fact, a 2015 study showed that our bodies metabolise slower under stress.

The study found that the women participants who reported one or more stressors during the previous 24 hours burned 104 fewer calories than non-stressed women.

While reducing stressors where possible is recommended, sometimes stressful situations are simply unavoidable! This is where massage can be a useful tool in your stress management kit. Massage can help to evoke feelings of relaxation, improve sleep quality and assist overall wellbeing. 

Plus, if you are exercising more regularly to lose weight, improving sleep quality is an important factor for your recovery. 

Once you’ve completed your initial treatment plan, monthly maintenance massages are recommended for overall wellbeing, sleep quality and stress management. 

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